YYF Multi Tool (Bearing Remover, String Cutter, Axle Remover)

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YYF Multi Tool (Bearing Remover, String Cutter, Axle Remover)

A sweet multi-tool for all your yo-yo maintenance, this Multi Tool is indispensible for yo-yo players of all kinds. Regulate your string length, remove bearings, and Axle remove all with this keyring tool.

This multi-tool is super useful, performing several different important functions. Stick the bearing remover into a bearing to gently lift it off a yo-yo (made for standard YYF size bearings). A cutter is hidden on the other side for easy string length regulation. The recessed blade ensures your safety. Finally, the tool also has a Loop1080 adjustment key, which also doubles to help pull tangled string off the bearing, saving you time taking your yo-yo apart to rescue a tangle.

>>[Yo-Yo] How to Use YYF Multi Tool

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