the name REWIND refers to the act of returning the yo-yo to your hand. Throwing the yo-yo is just the beginning of a trick; it's not complete until you rewind it. The name is also rooted in our belief that the good we do for others comes back to us ten-fold, regardless of how it might affect our bottom line. We are more concerned with spreading our love for yo-yos than personal gain.

 Pretty much everybody has played with a yo-yo or at least knows what they are, but few people know what they are capable of. Many people haven't touched one in a long time. We want them to REWIND, pick up a yo-yo and play again, to experience the joy it can bring. Beyond being a toy, yo-yo is a sport with its own competitions, champions and celebrities. It is used to create passionate performances that amaze and move people. No longer just a toy, it's a hobby that can be enjoyed at any stage in life.

 Yo-yo is even a tool for communication. It serves as an icebreaker to overcome social barriers, and helps bring people out of their shell. Just practicing in public, many players have experienced complete strangers calling out to them, or even coming up to strike up a conversation. It's still commonly thought of as just a toy, but we believe it's a skill with endless possibilities. Whether you just want to play, or if you want to perform for others, or if you want to compete with the best, we carry everything you need. Newcomers, veterans, and world champions alike, our services are geared to make your yo-yo buying experience as smooth and enjoyable as possible.

REWIND is run by six yo-yo experts and their great supporters.