Porykon Saturn Counter Weight

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Porykon Saturn Counter Weight

Thanks to a rubber O-ring, this counterweight is especially easy to catch!

Like the planet it's named after, this Saturn has a ring! The body of the Saturn is made of machined polycarbonate plastic. This production method is more complex, takes longer and uses more material, but it makes the Saturn more durable and shock-resistant than mold-cast plastic models.

The standout feature of the Saturn is the O-ring wrapped around the body. This gives the counterweight a great high-friction catch, meaning players can easily feel and confidently catch it, whether your hands are dry or not, or even with gloves on! Even if this isn't normally a concern for you, the O-ring will immediately make its benefits known!

*Sky Blue is a special version made for Sora Ishikawa, and includes a custom logo and a clear O-ring.

Official Description

Our first double materials counterweight.

We used Bi-metal yoyos design as a concept and put two different density materials in SATURN.

SATURN's body is made by Polycarbonate (PC) with CNC processing.

It brings a strong crashworthless as usual. Also, We mount a silicon O-Ring (higher density) outside the body to build a different weight distribution feelings.

O-Ring increases the sense of touch of the counterweight even players are wearing a gloves. The higher friction makes the counterweight not easily slip away from the hand.

And yes, Sora Ishikawa (Team PoryKon Japan) used SATURN and did a impressive freestyle in JYYCIO 2021 and got the 5A Division Champion !

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Brand PoryKon
Weight (g) 9.7

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