PoryKon MariKon Counter Weight

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MariKon Counter Weight

With two different ways to string it up, this is a very versatile counterweight!

This is Porykon's first nylon 3D-printed counterweight, which gives it a very nice texture and smooth finish quality. But the bigger characteristic is that it has more holes than you'll know what to do with at first!

These holes are the trick to the Marikon's versatility. You can run the string vertically like a normal Porykon counterweight for standard play, or you can run it horizontally through the sides for a whole new playfeel. This effectively means the MariKon is two excellent counterweights in one. Check the photos to see how to thread the string and bead into the MariKon's body.

Official Description

MariKon's is our first 3D-Print Nylon counterweight. It brings a steady touch feeling. It's also our first counterweight that combines two string-up methods to change the counterweight's shape.

MariKon's body uses a two-way B-Lock System. Players can put the bead inside the body from the top hole and the middle hole.

Players can feel the traditional PoryKon feeling by using the vertical string-up method. Also, the horizontal string-up method will give a fresh and unique feeling!

It's an almighty counterweight no matter for fun or competition, We believed it suits all 5A players!

More Information

Brand PoryKon
Weight (g) 1.0

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