Nylon Fit Glove (Pair)

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Nylon Fit Glove

These nylon gloves were originally made for the working person, and are very breathable so they don't feel stuffy. These gloves have a lot of fans in the competition scene.

You can feel a lot through these gloves, so they're very easy to play with, and you can clearly feel the string are you grab it. Of course, it also protects your fingers from string burn, so they're great for speedy freestyles.

They stretch quite a bit, so they only come in one size. The fingertips are made so that there's no danger of the string catching on the glove. These gloves are sold as pair, but there's no difference between left and right.

If you play extremely fast, the friction could open up holes in the gloves. Also, avoid letting the nylon come in contact with velcro or it could create runs in the material. These gloves are consumable goods, so be sure to buy several pairs!

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