NSK Center Trac Bearing (Japan Made)

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Size: Size C (Large) Gold
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NSK Center Trac Bearing (Japan Made)

This center trac bearing is the best you can buy in Japan!

The life of a yo-yo is measured in bearings. A long time ago, ball bearings were a secret weapon only found on top-end yo-yos, but nowadays over 99% of yo-yos made are outfitted with a ball bearing of some sort. And it's gotten to the point where ball bearings are designed and produced specifically for use with yo-yos.

These NSK bearings are the top of the line, even for Japanese bearings, designed for competition play. Machined to a tolerance of only 5/1000, there's no questioning the quality and precision of the NSK's handiwork. They're assembled under the watchful eye of master craftsman, in a completely dust-free clean room to ensure no foreign particles make it into the bearings. They employ special manufacturing processes to maximize the bearing's smoothness.

Our team of professionals have nothing but praise for this bearing, for practice and competitive play. It's definitely a bearing we'd like everyone to try at least once, we're sure you'll be hooked.

The golden version is gilded and has unheard of spin, with massive sleep times. The standard version is much closer to other high-end concave bearings.

*Over time, the gold plating will slowly wear off. This part is machined to high precision, so caution is needed to prevent a bearing lock from freezing it up. The bearing plays best right out of the box, bearing lube is not necessary (and the bearing is so precisely machined, there's no place for oil to enter the bearing.

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Brand From Japan
Bearing Type Center Trac Bearing
Bearing Size Size C (Large)

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