KittyString Classic (poly100%) XXL x100

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KittyString (poly100%) XXL x100

Favorite string of professional players all over the world, the KittyString 100% polyester.

Kitty String (K String), run by our friend Mr. Hiro Koba in the Philippines, produces fine handmade 100% polyester yo-yo strings. Each string is made by hand. These strings have become popular around the world, especially amongst world-class professionals.

This polyester is softer than normal, producing a much smoother feel during play. They are between 110 and 115cm in length, so they are a good choice for those who like longer strings (of course, you can cut it to your preferred length). In anticipation of being cut to a specific length, these strings do not come knotted, so you must tie your own finger hole.

KittyString comes in four variations, Normal, Fat, XL and XXL. 

Fat string is a little thicker than Normal, giving it a more responsive feel, for tight binds (which means your next throw is going to have some intense spin on it!).

XXL > XL > Fat > Normal

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