Kitty String (Poly100%) "First-Class" Fat x100

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Kitty String (Poly100%) Fat x100

This 100% polyester Kitty String is made in Japan, and beloved by world-ranked players. Fat Thickness!

This high quality Kitty String is 100% polyester, brought to you by Hiro Koba and is now made with love in Japan. Top-ranked players around the world use this string for everything from casual to competition play.

This string is softer and smoother than other poly strings, especially designed to improve performance for slack and laceration style tricks, preserving beautiful shapes even when the string is slackened.

Also, at a length of 110~115cm, this string has added appeal for players who prefer longer strings. Of course, you can cut it to whatever size you like, but you can't make a string longer with such ease! With this kind of customization in mind, this string does not come with a pre-tied finger loop.

Using a special technique called "Inverse," this string is comprised of fibers with two different tensile settings.

The area where the string attaches to the yo-yo (known as the "yo-yo mounting area"") has a looser wind. This lower tensile setting is designed to give a more direct sense of control during play, and also makes it easier to open a loop to install onto your yo-yos. An added benefit of this setting is that the low resistance/friction in the string creates an effect similar to using a concave bearing: the string stays centered on the bearing, minimizing sleep loss and increasing the stability of your yo-yo's spin; this part of the string resists tightening even when the rest of the string gets a stronger twist during play. The rest of the string where you are more likely to touch during string trick play (referred to as the "trick play area") has been adjusted to have a "just right" amount of tension and elasticity.

On the contest stage, where a miss can lead to disaster if the string gets out of control, this design can be a real lifesaver!

Premium Kitty String comes in three flavors: Normal, Fat, and XL, and are ordered by their relative thickness.

Thicker strings give your yo-yos a stronger return, giving you tighter binds and less likelihood of a "bind miss" where the yo-yo fails to return to your hand. Fatter strings also hold their shape a little better for laceration style tricks, and are able to transfer more power into your throws.

Generally, we recommend "normal" thickness for looping styles, and "Fat" or the thicker "XL" models for string trick play.

This 100 pack of string comes bound in a "String Strap," an adjustable band that keeps your string together until you're ready to play. Just pinch and pull from the top and your Kitty String will pull right out without getting tangled!

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