Dif KonKave Bearing

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Dif KonKave Bearing
With its signature concave shape, Konkave is the new standard for high-performance yo-yo bearings. Its unique shape helps keep the string away from the body, making it ideal for string tricks of all kinds.

Its rounded shape helps the string centered on the bearing during play, keeping it from touching the response system until you're ready, fending off sleep loss to the extreme. The bearing itself is high quality, built to resist rust and spin well for a lifetime. It's truly a bearing designed specifically for yo-yos. Its long life is best suited for intermediate to advanced players who practice hard. Because it's designed to keep the string away from the response pads, it will require a binding technique to return the yo-yo to your hand. KonKave is currently the most popular bearing type for string tricks, with good reason.

*Size C and Shims
In order to realize the full potential of your YYJ yo-yos, KonKave has released this set of bearing and 6 metal shims. The shims are designed to easily set a fixed gap on your normally adjustable YYJ yo-yos. These metal shims are much more durable than plastic ones (each shim is .25mm thick). In exchange, they are fairly easy to bend, so handle with care (slight bending shouldn't affect play). Your yo-yo will be born again with this set. Because of the increased spinning power, we recommend getting used to binding techniques!

Shims are for use with: YoYoJam Large size bearings (.250x.500x.187in) and twist-apart with adjustable gap: Speeder, Dark Magic, Big Ben, etc

*Ceramic Size C
KonKave has become a standard high quality bearing for intermediate to advanced players around the world. KonKave bearings are well known for their special traits; keeping the string centered and away from the response pads, resistance to rust and wear, and its high performance spin. Then Dif came along and pushed the envelope even further, developing a ceramic version of the bearing, "trimming the fat," as it were. For those familiar with the KonKaves, this may look the same on the outside, but once you use it you will feel the striking difference in performance. The lifespan of the original KonKave is intact, meaning you will be able to play many times longer than you would with a regular bearing. This bearing isn't just a top choice for competitors, it's also the bearing of choice for those seeking to break the long sleeper world record.

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Brand Dif-e-Yo
Bearing Type Dif KonKave / Dif Licensed Bearing
Bearing Size Various Types

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