CLYW x iYoYo Pixel Bearing (Size C)

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CLYW x iYoYo Pixel Bearing (Size C)

This bearing was born from a collaboration of CLYW and iYoYo.

With an 8-step profile that gives it a concave appearance, the Pixel bearing is the result of a collaboration of the minds at CLYW and iYoYo. For greatest performance and durability, a small amount of oil was used to lubricate the bearing. As a result, the bearing will make your yo-yo a stronger response at first, but as you practice the bearing will loosen up and then you will really witness the potential of the Pixel bearing.

You could if you wanted, but the makers insist you don't have to clean the oil out of the bearing, just break it in by playing with it! A uniquely smooth feeling accompanies the Pixel's vigorous spin and long life, once the bearing is properly broken in. CLYW and iYoYo are responsible for an impressive lineup of amazing products, and so when they confidently said "It's worth the wait. Trust us." we listened. And they weren't wrong!

Official Description
Every modern yoyo is only as good as the bearing inside, and yoyo bearings just got a little better!

The Pixel Bearing is a collaboration between CLYW and iYoYo, inspired by our search for the perfect bearing. Our team members expect the very best, and the 8-step design brings a new level of performance to yoyo bearings. The stepped design reminded us of old 8-bit video game art…and so the Pixel Bearing was born!

Please note, these bearings come lightly lubed from the factory. While you are free to clean your bearing for maximum performance, we HIGHLY recommend that you break in your Pixel Bearing with play, and allow the lube to naturally settle in a break down. This will result in a longer life, longer spins, and smoother play. It’s worth the wait. Trust us.

More Information

Brand CLYW x iYoYo
Weight (g) 1.0
Bearing Type Pixel Bearing
Bearing Size Size C (Large)

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