Candy Dice Pro R7

Candy Dice by YOYOMAKER & SHINGO TERADASKU: candydice-acc-candydicepror7-sunflowercandy
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Color: Sunflower Candy
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YOYOMAKER - Candy Dice Pro R7

The beautifully rounded Candy Dice Pro R7 stands out from the rest of the series for its speedy play and ease of control. It's the signature dice for 2019 Japan National finalist, Kazuma Miyakawa.

The R7 is a new take on the Candy Dice Pro, the counterweight series designed with the concept of making it easy for anyone to try their hand at 5A. This R7 boasts some smoother corners for a more aerodynamic, speedy play with a soft catch.

The name "R7" comes from the angle of the rounded edges. The design draws on the strength of Candy Dice and pushes it even further, namely its "controllability:" how quickly it can come up to speed and change direction as you play.

On the production side, they use a special process to incorporate two filament colors into a single print, giving the R7 a snazzy accent color. This isn't just a cosmetic racing stripe: the accent is designed to make the R7 more visible as it moves at high speeds.

The shape of the R7 is based on the Duncan collaboration model Candy Dice. We recommend mastering some basic 5A tricks like "360" or "meltdown switch," and then give the R7 a throw to see what a "speedy" dice feels like. It's sure to become your secret weapon.

Please note:
These dice are 3D printed, and the "layered" texture is a result of the manufacturing process. These are made one at a time, and there may be slight variations from one dice to the other.

We know they look delicious, but please remember that these are dice, and not actually candy! They are made of plastic, please do not try to eat them!

Lastly, although they are made from strong plastic, they might still get damaged if you hit hard surfaces like the ground or your yo-yo at high speed. Please play carefully to ensure a long life with your Candy Dice.

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