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Candy Dice by YOYOMAKER & SHINGO TERADASKU: candydice-acc-candydicepro_comet-pine
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Color: Pine Candy (Yellow)
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YOYOMAKER - ‌Candy Dice Pro Comet

From Japanese domestic innovator Candy Dice, comes the long awaited bearing model counterweight!

A new shape, a new material, and a new system all rolled into one new model. Designed to give players the "ultimate performance" for their 5A play, the new Candy Dice Pro Comet lets you even control the weight by switching bearings!

From the company that's brought more counterweight designs to market, to make 5A play more accessible to players of all levels, the Candy Dice Pro Comet is a truly "Pro" level counterweight, aimed at the contest stages of the highest levels.

The original Comet (AKA Bullet), developed over the course of many months and years, was their first dice to feature a multi-faceted design. The shape of the new Comet takes after its predecessor, shaped like a soccer ball, but using a new, stronger material that still has a soft feeling that makes accidental hits hurt less during play.

This design breaks the counterweight into the "shell" which is loaded with a bearing, and a "core" unit that attaches to the end of the string. The bearing allows the twist in the string to self-correct, meaning you never have to worry about it during play, as it'll always go back to neutral. The design is such that you can easily thread your string through the shell and attach the core, making it super quick and easy to switch between 1A and 5A even with the same string.

As if that weren't enough, one last innovation we haven't seen before: the Comet comes loaded with a thin size C bearing, but you can swap the shell bearing out for a standard size C bearing if you like a heavier counterweight. You can even take the bearings out completely for unique play with a super light counterweight!

Candy Dice, having now shipped thousands of counterweights around the world, finally brings their expertise and innovation to create a new standard in high-quality competition counterweights. This is a work of genius.

About Candy Dice:
Candy Dice is the brainchild of 2001 World X-Division champion, Shingo "Terry" Terada, who also is the REWIND Shibuya Store Manager. He teamed up with 3D printing artisan Hideki Toho (of YOYOMAKER) to make the first company to focus solely on developing innovative counterweights.

The core concept of Candy Dice is the bring the 5A style within reach of players of all levels, by making it as easy as possible to install and remove the weight to switch between styles of play. The other aspect of his design is to create "delicious" looking dice worthy of collecting on their own merits. His clever designs and hot colors have quickly made Candy Dice a hit.

They now have made several collaborations with established brands like Duncan in the USA, and Candy Dice are thrown by beginners and champions alike.

Please note:
These dice are 3D printed out of a special material, which is quite difficult to work with. There may be slight variations from one dice to the other, or marks or traces of the base on the underside of the dice. If these bother you at all, you can use nippers to cut off the offending material.

We know they look delicious, but please remember that these are dice, and not actually candy! They are made of plastic, please do not try to eat them!

Lastly, although they are made from strong plastic, they might still get damaged if you hit hard surfaces like the ground or your yo-yo at high speed. Please play carefully to ensure a long life with your Candy Dice.

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