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Duncan - Candy Dice

The brainchild of 2001 X-division world champion, Shingo Terada, Candy Dice are meant to give everyone a chance to try counterweight!

REWIND's Shibuya store manager, Terry (Shingo Terada) produced his own counterweights under the name "Candy Dice." Now, he's got Duncan in on the action, and they're helping bring his design to a broader audience, so more and more people can enjoy counterweight play! Duncan carries a patent for counterweights in America, so this collaboration was crucial in bringing the joy of 5A to the masses.

The dice are made of a durable polycarbonate plastic with rounded edges, which is soft even if you miss a catch and hit yourself. The dice are really well balanced and quickly become an extension of your arm as you work freehand moves into your routine. Of course, these Candy Dice retain the same innovative string groove as the original produced by YoYoMAKER in Japan, which makes it super easy to switch back and forth between single hand (1A) to counterweight (5A) play.

So, all you need is a Candy Dice to turn any regular string trick yo-yo into a counterweight model, giving you a chance to give it a throw and challenge yourself with some 5A tricks! If you find yourself getting more serious about 5A, try the Candy Dice Pro designed by professionals and made in Japan!

Click here for our Counterweight beginner tutorials.

>>Installing Candy Dice

>>Duncan Toys x Terry (Shingo Terada) - Raptor with Candy Dice - part 2

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