BSF Products R-weight

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BSF Products R-weight

This counterweight was designed with the concept of creating a high performance weight that wouldn't hurt you if it hit you.

Japanese brand BSF Products brings you their second 3D printed counterweight. This one was made with the concept of having a light strike in case it hits you, but still performing as a top class counterweight.

The end is given a conical shape, making it easier to keep from tangling during play, and to untangle in the unlikely event that it does happen. Comes in two weights: the great all-arounder "normal" weight, and the "heavy" version for more stability for tricks like aerials and electric fan.

Normal is about 10.8 grams, and Heavy is around 11 grams. It's only a .2 gram difference, but that does create quite a difference in playfeel.

The string attachment hardware is identical to that of the T-Cube. No worries about it coming off during play, and it will keep the perfect neutral twist in your string with its auto-adjusting bearing!

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Brand BSF Products
Weight (g) 1.0

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