[Set] C3 Krown Metal Yo-Yo Set

The Krown is back on the throne! This updated version gives you a taste of high level power!

Based on the original Krown released in 2013, several tweaks and updates were made to the original design in order to draw out the best performance. Power, stability and control are the three points they focused on for the first release, and now those points have been honed to perfection.

Moreover, the new Krown has baked into it the expanded know-how that C3 refined over the years, through over 50 different yo-yo releases. The result is a complex mix of fine-tuned curves and sharp straight lines; each of those a deliberate decision made through intense trial and error. The side face balance has been inherited from the Agate, a collaboration model made in conjunction with the YJYOYO festival. What does that mean? A light playfeel without sacrificing any power. The new Krown feels like a real evolution.

Taste the power of full metal in your hand, the Krown is a high end throw that's easy enough for players to step up to their first bind, ensuring that you could get a lifetime of enjoyment out of it. For practice and casual play, all the way to the contest stage, the Krown is a perfect fit for any scene.

In addition to the yo-yo, this set includes a 10-pack of String for Bind and maintenance products, helping new players from all the headaches of gathering lube and tools and all the other things to tinker with their yo-yo's performance. We'd rather you forget about all those worries and focus on the fun of yo-yoing!