Porykon Momiji. PC Counter Weight

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Porykon Momiji. PC Counter Weight

(This is a machine AI translation from Japanese. We will replace it once the English description done by our staff is ready.)

Updated version of the cube-shaped "Momiji" counterweight

This is the signature counterweight of Chinese Tournament 5A Champion Jacob Cheng Hongye.

The cube-shaped counterweight is a rarity for porykon, but a major player in the world of counterweights.

The cube shape is a rare example of porykon's signature counterweight, but it is a major player in the counterweight world.

The result is a cube-shaped counterweight that is familiar, but different from other counterweights.

Comment from Jacob Cheng Hongye

Momiji is my main counterweight I’ve used in daily and contest before. To me, it’s the most unique counterweight in PoryKon.

When I used Fu-Ring and minTear, I really love the feelings of PC body ( Polycarbonate ). I suggested PoryKon to produce a PC Momiji and hoped to make it faster and more stable.Momiji PC brings brand new feelings and it suits me a lot! I hope you all love it too!

More Information

Brand PoryKon
Signature Jacob Cheng Hongye
Weight (g) 10.7

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